What do we deliver?

Developing Education

We continue to develop our educational classes.

One on One

Our 1:1 mentoring programmes are highly successful.

Excellent Courses

We offer a multitude of course options.

Engaging Content

We always deliver engaging lessons to pupils.


Our intent as a Development Team is to progressively enhance resilience in others by using our unique development techniques, and our ethos of empowerment. Our mixed expertise gained through military service and dedication to our chosen fields of expertise has enabled the Development Team to build a 36-module Development Curriculum, that has a proven history of success. The array of accredited attributes our Development Team possess and challenges they demand of themselves, allows us to connect with you. No matter what your sector.


The School of Military has developed an in-school mentoring program which can be delivered to small groups of pupils or as part of a 1:1 intervention strategy. Each pupil is taught how to self-reflect and self-assess which is monitored throughout the programme. The programme can be tailored to each individual student, covering the areas in which both the school and the pupil feel will help them develop best.


Our Outreach Mentoring Team are having huge success across the North of England working with disengaged pupils and persistent absentees and been able to increase attendance and engagement with many of the pupils we have mentored.

Working on a 1:1 basis with students a positive role model, our mentors will meet with their mentee to create a constructive plan, with obtainable objectives, to get the maximum outcomes for that student. Whether that end goal is to get the student back in school or help them build confidence and a sense of self-worth, our mentors will provide the necessary support and guidance required.


Did you know that a recent research revealed that childhood obesity has reached record levels and that only 15% of children are getting the recommended 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per day?

The School of Military (TSOM)is offering you the opportunity to improve the health and fitness of your students with our new military style fitness sessions.

What Our Schools Say About Us

One of the boys in my class has worked on a one to one basis with Mat developing skills of all kinds - listening, behaviour, attitude and the list goes on. As much as this little boy has still got to work to do the change in attitude has been great. I use this little boy to model my expectations of behaviour and attitude in the classroom and outside.

Additionally, Mat worked with my class for a morning and taught me some strategies to help with some behavioral issues, I have since used these strategies and the classroom is working noticeably differently. Mat has a great relationship with staff and children and can see the importance of the skills he teaches the children need to be transferred into the classroom. This is a great experience for all!

Nicola Wood YR3 Teacher

Nicola Wood YR3 Teacher

Platt Bridge Community School

The School of Military were based at St Marks Primary School, Wigan once a week over a period of 12 weeks working alongside our Year 3 class who had numerous difficulties in school ranging from English as an additional language, Special educational needs and behaviour. Through consistency and routine, TSOM were able to plan and implement fun, challenging and team building skills for the children.

Our cohort really benefited from structured, disciplined sessions with a positive male role model who treated the children with respect and thus earned their respect in return. Some of the activities the children really enjoyed were den building, the assault courses, the egg drop and healthy eating sessions, all of which promoted the benefits of working as a team and respecting authority. TSOM also supported a growth mindset in which he would encourage and celebrate mistakes increasing the resilience of our children.

The children and staff were really grateful for the skill set and support TSOM provided for the class and for the relationships that he worked hard to build over the 12-week period. The children now are a lot more resilient when it comes to making mistakes and work more harmoniously as a team. They recognise when others try hard and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Since the School of Military, the children's behaviour has seen a huge improvement and we cannot thank them and their staff enough!

Head Teacher

Head Teacher

ST Marks Primary School

My class have just finished a 12-week block of sessions with the School of Military. My class have really enjoyed the sessions, particularly shelter building and fire lighting. I found all the instructors very professional and able to engage with the children well and at an appropriate level.

TSOM have developed an excellent relationship with all members of my class and were able to direct the children safely and calmly, whilst they carried out some particularly challenging tasks with potential Health and Safety implications. My class have always responded positively to all tutors and looked forward to upcoming sessions. I would not hesitate to work with the School of Military again in the future and have given extremely positive feedback to my head teacher regarding the sessions my class took part in. On behalf of my class, I would like to thank all the tutors who worked so hard with us to instil a sense of perseverance, something my class lacks at times. On a personal note, thank you all for your hard work. I really enjoyed the sessions and hope to work with you again in the future.

Miss K. Lawrence YR5 Teacher

Miss K. Lawrence YR5 Teacher

ST John's Primary School

Our Statistics Speak For Themselves...

The School Of Military have now attended an impressive amount of schools delivering key skills enstilling resillience for future generations, these skills help children to overcome personal challenges but most of all they teach children how to deal with adversity, life challenges and living in a culturally diverse society.

What we regard as socially acceptable morals and principles are often not found in many of today's youth through no fault of their own, teaching them and helping them to understand why these are important skills in life is key. We can learn and we can change the cycle that sadly so often leads children into making poor personal and social decisions that lead to young adults becoming a burden on society, together we can and will make a difference.

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