Our intent as a Development Team is to progressively enhance resilience in others by using our unique development techniques, and our ethos of empowerment. Our mixed expertise gained through military service and dedication to our chosen fields of expertise has enabled the Development Team to build a 36-module Development Curriculum, that has a proven history of success. The array of accredited attributes our Development Team possess and challenges they demand of themselves, allows us to connect with you. No matter what your sector. 

Our 36-week curriculum consists of, but is not limited, to the following modules:


A progressive insight into the benefits of personal fitness and its positive connection to well-being. Our Development Team continues to evolve and test this part of our curriculum in competition environments, to ensure the content remains relative. During these modules, learners will focus on the practical fundamentals of physical development, including an insight into the theory of Proprioceptors.


Teams are groups of people whom all understand their individual roles, and value the roles of others when working to achieve a common goal. The School of Military Development Team pride themselves on their delivery when transitioning this understanding of resilience over this module of our curriculum. Empowering one another when high performance is demanded, is a skill set members of the Development Team have successfully nurtured in many diverse environments. During our classroom-based sessions, learners will be introduced into our Plan/Do/Review way of achieving, and given the opportunity to test this together via our varied practical tasks.


This part of our curriculum focuses on the basics of human survival in the wild, and an introduction to best safe practice when in a camping environment. The School of Military believes the experience and expertise of the Development Team staff is priceless in this field, as former professional soldiers all possess the proven ability to provide expert relevant and correct foundation information that always engages groups, and encourages learners to transition this knowledge to promote confidence when faced with independent living.


Since 2002 all schools have been required to promote the spiritual, moral, social & cultural development of their students. Our Interventions and SMSC modules are dedicated to the challenging issues of self-understanding and tolerance. The School of Military Development Team address the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural diversity of our country, and aim to develop a respectful understanding of the protected identities. During times of conflict, the British Armed Forces have often successfully relied on their abilities of communication, and de-escalation to solve a dispute. Our Development Team aims to provide learners with an insight of how this fantastic skill is achieved.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland takes centre stage in many successes throughout history and is rich in talent and professionalism. In this module, The School of Military Development Team focuses on the importance of recognising moments of British history and those involved. Also, to develop an understanding of democracy in our society. Reinforce the importance of the uniqueness of our Emergency Services, Education System and roles and responsibilities of the Royal Family.


The School of Military Development Team possess very strong core values and standards, that supports an ethos of ‘Prior preparation, prevents poor performance’. The aim of all staff members during this module is to assist learners to develop an understanding of personal action plans. During the modules learners are taken on a journey of organisational life skills, that reinforce self-belief when challenged outside of a comfort zone. The Development Team currently apply this module to themselves, as each member of staff believe the path to being a role model is to practice what we preach. Our staff have proven in many challenging environments that the correct prior preparation can promote wellbeing, and avoid rash decision making. The aim of this module is to assist learners to transition these abilities to raise self-esteem when faced with anxious tension brought about by Studying, Interviews or Public Speaking.


The School of Military has developed an in-school mentoring program which can be delivered to small groups of pupils or as part of a 1:1 intervention strategy. Each pupil is taught how to self-reflect and self-assess which is monitored throughout the programme. The programme can be tailored to each individual student, covering the areas which both the school and the pupil feel will help them develop best, such as;

  • Self-assessment/refection
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence/self-esteem
  • Social skills
  • Anger management
  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Time management/future planning

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