In-school Mentoring

Our custom programme can be delivered to a small group or on a 1:1 basis, as part of an intervention strategy. Students are taught how to self-reflect and self-assess, with all outcomes recorded.

Our in-school mentoring programmes help schools to cope with disruptive students with behaviour problems that, in our experience, often stem from traumatic experiences, home life and exposure to negative influence. Our staff are trained and experienced to help mentor these students, training them and teaching them respect, discipline and managing their behaviours in their school environment.

Tackling disruptive students not only takes the pressure off teachers but it allows them to focus on teaching their classes without having to deal with negative behaviours which unfortunately has become common in today's classrooms.

Mentoring programmes help to build trusting relationships with students tackling personal problems, teaching social skills and developing a new set of morals and principles for the student allowing them to communicate and become pro-active within their school environment as a first step in helping them to establish a better foundation for future growth.