What is The School Of Military?


The School of Military’s growing Team of Instructors and Military Mentors have diverse backgrounds and have had different life experiences, but we are all united by military ethics and a commitment to succeed. Serving in HM forces has provided us with invaluable knowledge and skills that can truly help combat the challenges facing young people today.

Throughout our courses, we aim to create a rewarding and enjoyable environment in which young people’s minds can thrive and develop. We teach key life skills such a tolerance, acceptance of social and personal responsibility, respect and discipline, whilst building confidence and providing a genuine sense of achievement.


In such a diverse and media fed society, it is important that young people’s lives are shaped and influenced by positive real-world experiences. This is our primary goal, and we work hard to have a positive impact on their lives and help mould them into respectful, disciplined and confident young individuals. After all, these young people will become the glue that holds our communities together in the future.


Before the Army, I was a teenage boy with very few options after being forced onto the streets of Manchester. I also made bad social choices which threatened to lead me down the wrong path. I joined the British Army and it changed my life, instilling core values and standards within me, which I now promote through education. Living and working alongside other soldiers creates a deep level of trust and understanding, that together we developed into an effective and unique educational package that we proudly offer our future generations.

As an experienced army instructor, I adapted my techniques to effectively teach and communicate with young people in primary, secondary and specialist schools. I am proud to mentor students and children who deserve the guidance and knowledge we can share with them to help them make better decisions and build foundations that will help them achieve the best they can on their journey, with the ability to make strong, positive and confident decisions while embracing life's trials and tribulations.

I look forward to working with children of all ages and guiding my team throughout schools across the North West. Providing children with the skills they need to create bright successful futures.